Inspire local innovation and entrepreneurship.

The goal of every business competition is to inspire innovation and entrepreneurship. Participants in the business competition process will make great connections, get loads of publicity, and gain access to valuable resources that will help them make their business dreams a reality. More than that though, is the impact a competition will have on the folks in the audience or those who are reading about it while enjoying their morning coffee. Regardless of who wins the prize and who doesn't, people in the community will be moved and inspired by the stories and ideas of the brave entrepreneurs who are seizing the opportunity to start and grow their own business.


Proven competition model, simple technology and remarkable support.

The Startup Local team has been at this since 2012. We successfully launched the Carroll Biz Challenge in partnership with the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce to celebrate and support local entrepreneurs. This local business competition is now the centerpiece of Carroll County, Maryland's efforts to inspire local innovation and entrepreneurship. Building on this legacy, we also launched the CCPS Biz Challenge, a high school version of the competition in 2014, to deliver the same exciting experience to area students.

Based on the success of our proven competition model, we launched the Startup Local Platform in June 2014 to help other organizations deliver the same amazing experiences to entrepreneurs and students in their community. Our simple online platform includes everything you need to plan, manage, and execute a successful local business competition. Whether it's collecting applications, submitting judge evaluations, or telling the story about who won with your community, we've got you covered.

Our platform comes with the service and support you need to get your competition right the first time. Customers lean on our expertise to eliminate the guesswork and maximize the competition experience to produce big results for your organization and deliver an invaluable opportunity to entrepreneurs in your community. With our proven competition model, simple online platform, and remarkable support, you can expect to:

    • Inspire local innovation and entrepreneurship
    • Provide valuable resources and opportunities to entrepreneurs
    • Earn new revenue to support your mission
    • Put your organization in the headlines
    • Get your business community excited about the vitality of its new ventures

Startup a new tradition.

Take the next step. The Startup Local team stands ready to help you launch your first local business competition, or take the one you currently host to the next level. We’d love the opportunity to take you on a guided tour of our platform and walk you through the competition process. Thank you for taking the time learn more about Startup Local.

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